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LA VERGNE, TN, Jan 14, 2020, SVP Worldwide the world’s largest consumer sewing machine company, has announced its new research and development offices in the Huskvarna/Jönköping area of Sweden.  The new facility will be 3500 square meters and will showcase the company’s SVP Worldwide logo along with a monumental sewing machine at the main entrance at Soldattorpsgatan 3554 74 JÖNKÖPING.This will be the central location for the company’s research and development teams with support teams in Shanghai, London and Nashville.  In addition to R&D, a group of sales, marketing, and customer service employees will also share the space.  
“The Huskvarna region has been the center for sewing machine development for almost 150 years and is recognized for having created the most advanced sewing and embroidery machines in the world.  We are investing more than $110m in product development globally over the next five years and want to have a modern facility with the space to continue growing in this region,” says CEO Carl-Martin Lindahl.  “As our products become more and more technology-driven with much of the development happening in the space of software, app development, cloud computing, we feel our needs, in terms of the work environment, are shifting. We are also aggressively recruiting and looking to attract top engineering talent to the region.” 
Senior Vice President, Research and Development Kevin Keller adds, "When we began to look at our options for a new R&D facility, it was obvious that we needed to stay in the Huskvarna/Jönköping area.  Finding the right facility that could not only accommodate our current group but allow us to further develop our Engineering footprint was critical in our decision process.  We wanted a facility that could showcase our team and provide state-of-the-art working experience in our industry.  Many options that were considered were either well outside of the area or were not big enough. In choosing this location, and with the complete renovation, we feel that we are not only creating a great working environment but also a world-class R&D facility."  
The company is planning for an October 1st opening and will commemorate with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and opening event party. 
SVP Worldwide is the world’s largest consumer sewing machine company, accounting for approximately one out of every three sewing machines sold globally.  The company and its three iconic brands - SINGER®, HUSQVARNA® VIKING®, and PFAFF® - each has delighted consumers collectively for over 450 years. These premium brands and products are regarded as the choice for serious sewers and novice crafters. 
The company’s corporate headquarters is located near Nashville, TN and is supplemented by regional headquarters and sales offices located in Milan (Italy), São Paulo (Brazil), and Sydney (Australia) that, combined, reach consumers in more than 180 countries. SVP Worldwide has manufacturing facilities across Asia and Latin America, multiple R&D centers, a software development center in Europe and a global supply chain with distribution centers in all regions. The products are sold across a network of sewing machine dealers, mass retailers, online retailers, specialty retailers, distributors, and through the company’s ~200 internally-operated retail stores.
In 2018, SVP Worldwide was acquired by Ares Management, a publicly-traded, and leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $144 billion of assets under management and over 1,200 employees.  Ares Management has made substantial investments to align SVP Worldwide for growth. To learn more visit
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