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SVP Worldwide is comprised of SINGER®, HUSQVARNA® VIKING®, and PFAFF®  sewing brands each offering a comprehensive range of sewing, quilting and embroidery products, software, embroidery designs and accessories. The INSPIRA® and PREMIER+™ brands offer sewing and home essential products that complement the sewing and embroidery machine offering. Full WiFi connectivity through the mySewnet™ ecosystem which includes apps, cloud storage, and embroidery design streaming.

Sewing Machines

Sewing machines have a variety of features and functions that help the user construct and create items. From home décor, utility functions, garment construction or embellishing readymade items – the possibilities with sewing machines are endless.   There are basic mechanical models up to more sophisticated computerized models that offer color touch screens, hundreds of stitches and more advanced capabilities. These machines attract consumers who want more creative freedom through computerized machines. All models have easy threading ability, bobbin winding, stitch selection and setting controls that allow the user flexibility and customization when sewing. 

Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines allow the user to create embroidery patterns on fabric, textiles, or finished goods. Many have a large, vivid color touch screens where designs can be modified and customized before being stitched out on their sewing and embroidery machine. Embroidery software is often used with embroidery machines to take the users’ creativity to the next level with even more customizable options.  Embroidery machines are used primarily by sewing enthusiasts who demand the most advanced in home sewing machine technology and creativity. 

Quilting Machines

There are millions of enthusiastic quilters around the world. This is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.  Quilting machines are most often sewing machines that have specific features especially for the quilter such as special stitches, extra space for quilts, needle up/down functions, and unique quilting accessories.  In addition, for the more advanced quilter, there is a Mid arm sit down quilter and a long arm automated quilter.

Overlock-Serger Machines

An Overlock machine (or Serger) is a perfect supplement to a regular sewing machine. The overlock machine is specially designed to sew, overcast and cut in one operation using multiple threads. It creates a neatly finished edge of fabric with thread, which prevents unraveling.  Most enthusiast sewers have both a sewing machine and an overlock machine in their sewing room.

Embroidery Software

SINGER®, HUSQVARNA® VIKING® and PFAFF® brands offer technically advanced, yet easy-to-use embroidery software programs that help embroidery enthusiasts add an advanced dimension of creativity to their embroidery experience.  Using your PC or MAC computer, the software allows users to see what their imagination looks like by providing easy to use tools to make their personal ideas come to life.  The software is part of the mySewnet ecosystem allowing for free cloud storage and embroidery design access from multiple devices including mySewnet™ enabled embroidery machines.

Accessories & Notions

All 3 brands; SINGER®, HUSQVARNA® VIKING® and PFAFF®, offer a wide range of notions and accessories to give consumers time saving, creative and helpful assistance.  Accessories are items that attach to the machine and range from feet, bobbins, hoops and kits.  Our Notions line, under the INSPIRA® brand is comprised of Needles, Stabilizers, Scissors, Cabinets and Sewing Cases. 



Garment Care

Today, we currently market a range of garment care products under both the PFAFF® and SINGER® brands. These products range from basic home irons and garment steamers to more professional quality presses, irons and steaming systems. 

Embroidery Designs

Embroidery designs can be stitched on an embroidery machine. Each brand offers a large range of beautiful and unique embroidery collections.  All are multi-formatted and can be sewn on almost any household embroidery machine on the market today. The mySewnet™ Library features embroidery design streaming from the comfort of mySewnet Library enabled embroidery machines. Embroidery designs can also be purchased and downloaded from the internet.

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