SVP Worldwide Community and Culture




Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Diversity is stitched into the fabric of who we are. At SVP Worldwide, we are a global community of people who come together to help deliver the world’s finest sewing products. Celebrating and recognizing the unique contributions of each person in our workforce helps us to reach consumers in more than 180 countries around the world. It is through embracing our differences that the rich tapestry of our history enables our growth and innovation for the future.


Corporate Values

The foundation of our company culture is simple

  • Integrity means doing the right thing in the right way even when no one is looking
  • Trust is earned through being reliable, honest, and credible
  • Teamwork is supporting each other collaboratively for our common SVP Worldwide goals
  • Customer Focus is understanding your customers’ needs and putting them first 

These practices set us up for long-term success  

Spotlight on our Regions

SVP Worldwide Gives Back Globally

For Disability Awareness Week, SVP Worldwide Turkey held a sewing workshop for people with disabilities under the guidance of a professional trainer.  Sewing machines were donated to teach children with Down Syndrome how to sew.  The project was a success and everyone who participated enjoyed learning how to sew on a SINGER machine.  In addition, our Turkey office collaborated with local prisons by providing machines for incarcerated women to learn the art of sewing and how to gain earning potential in the future. 


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