• Diversity is stitched into the fabric of who we are. At SVP Worlwide, we are a worldwide community of people who come together to help deliver the world's finest sewing products. Celebrating and recognizing the unique contributions of each person in our workforce helps us to reach consumers in more than 180 countries around the world. It is through embracing our differences that the rich tapestry of our history enables our growth and innovation for the future.

  • SVP Worldwide core values and commitments represent our identity and reflect who we are and we want to show up. This is the foundation by which our company culture will thrive and set us up for long-term success : 

    • Integrity means doing the right thing in the right way even when no one is looking.
    • Trust is earned through being reliable, honest, and credible.
    • Teamwork is supporting each other collaboratively for our common SVP Worldwide goals.
    • Customer Focus is understanding your customers' needs and putting them first.

  • As a global company, our purpose is to make a difference in people's lives and enrich communities around the world by educating individuals on how to sew and craft. We do this by encouraging and creating a potential path for generating income leaving a lasting impression that can change their economic outlook.

I Belong ...

  1. Sinem Parlak, GM of Turkey

    As the first woman General Manager of Turkey, she celebrates 18 years with SVP Worldwide, she shares she remains fortunate to work for a company where women leaders are driving progress and creating a workplace that allows everyone to feel welcomed with their different perspectives and values.

  2. Ken Hossler, VP of Global Manufacturing

    At SVP Worldwide, values are what determine the culture and the behaviors of how we drive the business each day. These are the reasons Ken Hossler, VP of Global Manufacturing, feels he belongs at SVP Worldwide.

  3. Michelle Curry, Service Parts Global Manager

    As a person of color, specifically a black woman, Michelle feels that "belonging isn't just about fitting in but about leveraging our differences to make us all stronger as a collective. I belong because my perspective and my unique characteristics and experiences enriches my environment that I embrace and also embraces me."

  4. Diego Genari, Business Development Manager

    It is "great to come to a company that supports you doing things that come from your heart." The ongoing work that SVP Worldwide is doing to support people in local communities, is just one of the many reasons that Diego feels that he belongs at SVP Worldwide.

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