World-Class Leadership For
The World’s Leading Maker Of Sewing Machines.

The senior leadership team of SVP Worldwide™ possesses the exceptional vision, expertise and know-how needed to preserve and further build on our company’s dominant position in the sewing machines category. Meet the men and women who direct our operations at the highest level, from locations around the globe.

  • Carl-Martin Lindahl

    Chief Executive Officer

  • David Perez

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tammy Bohen

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Dean Brindle

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Kevin Keller

    CTO, Research and Development

  • Jennifer Smith

    SVP, Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Ken Hossler

    VP of Manufacturing

  • Kevin D. Blanchard

    Chief Information Officer

  • Beverly Sharpe

    EVP & General Counsel

  • Doug Korn

    VP, Corp. Strategy & Business D...

  • Barbara Harvey

    President, NA Sales & Marketing

  • Hilmi Kelleci

    President, EMEA Region

  • Raúl Garza

    Vice President, Latin America

  • Angelo Di Benedetto

    VP & Managing Director, APAC Re...

  • Valter Bezerra

    President, Sewing & Essentials

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